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Sunday, July 27, 2003

  Maiden Voyage on Blogger Hi. Today is Sunday and I'm trying to learn how best to use my blog page. If anyone has an opinion, how will I know? What is the difference between a blog and a bulletin board, and a bulletin board and a forum? If I have a blog and a forum, is this redundant?

My forum used to work, but for some reason I now can't post messages. I don't know perl, and the homeless hacker who made it for me escaped with my car and my laptop, so I can't ask him to fix it.

I want to make my page as interactive as possible. Do I need a guest book, and/or a registration? I really like the CAST site... http://www.cast.org There's a small comment board on many of the pages, so people can respond directly without navigating to an over-organized forum. Anybody know how to do that?

I don't really like the fact that this blog page is a separate page. I'd much prefer to have a frame or something on the bottom of each page to get comments. Anybody care to explan how to put a comment board on each page? Oh how that is managed? Can blooger be used for that, or do I need another tool? 
raves and rants about teaching languages visually, using icon sentences. With text-to-speech on the web, icon sentences can provide a visual literature for people who can't read or write.

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