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10/18/01      ICTFL (IL Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Fall Conference in Itasca, IL.
Spanish Immersion for Teachers

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What is Immersion?

First coined at Middlebury College, Vermont, "language immersion" has become one of the most efficient ways to teach a foreign language. Students must interact exclusively in the language that they are studying. By using the language, the students naturally start to think and speak in the target Language without the interference of translation.


Who Came to Learn?

More than 50 elementary and secondary school Spanish teachers from all over Illinois came to be totally "immersed" in Spanish. The majority of the participants were non-native speakers who rarely get a chance to speak in Spanish outside their classrooms
. Students' imaginations are sparked by the contents of their paper sack as they prepare their final skit.  

activities What Did We Do?    Break the ice:
Círculo interior / círculo exterior

  Bio Game: Learners in an inner circle are paired with someone is an outer circle. They have 3 minutes to ask/answer four questions:

a)  What is your name?
b)  Where do you teach?
c)  How long have you been teaching?
d)  What's the best thing about your job?

After 3 minutes, the facilitator rotates one or the other circle in a random way.

Cuéntame algo de....

  Tell me something about...Prepared questions were used to get the small groups of three talking.

What Did We Learn?    Games I Made Up


  Categories: Board game--forces learners to think of words that matched both letters and categories.
En busca de lo trivial

  Trivia Quest: Sends students on a tour of the Spanish-speaking world where they can move ahead if they answer cultural trivia questions related to a specific country. Each board shows a different country and the cultural items and events were linked to that country.
Explorando el mundo artístico
  Postcard Gallery: I used Adobe Photo Shop to make postcards from from art reproduction.--Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí and Picasso. Learners used "words of art" to talk about the 30 works of each artist.
Concentración artística manual
  Art Memory: Learners played the traditional game of Memory using the postcard gallery. (The postcards were duplicates.)Teams placed cards face down. The goal was to find the matching pairs by memorizing the location of each. The person with the most pairs was the winner.
Concentración artística multimedia

  The same game has been recreated on the computer, using Flash..
  QUIA is an "interactive content delivery" web site. Teachers can create activities and quizzes or learners can go there and use any of the public content.

I showed the the pages I created for 5 levels of Spanish. Each page contains a variety of games and activities that correspond to my textbook. (Teachers can make lessons that fit with the textbook they use.) The group logged on to this popular free site and created their own accounts and pages. I am still receiving email from the group.