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Who is in control?

Daughter   Daddy, Wy do Frenchmen wave their hands about?
Father   What do you mean
Daughter   I mean, when they talk. why do they wave their arms and all that?
Father   Well, why do you smile? Or, why do you stamp your foot sometimes?
Daughter   But that's not the same thing, Daddy. i don't wave my arms about like a Frenchman does. I don't believe they can stop doing it, Daddy. Can they?
Father   I don't know -- they might find it hard to stop.... Can you stop smiling?
Daughter   But Daddy, I don't smile all the time. It's hard to stop when I feel like smiling. But I don't feel like it all the time. And then I stop.
Father   That's true -- But then a Frenchman doesn't wave his arms in the same way all the time. Sometimes, he waves them in one way an sometimes in another -- and sometimes, I think, he stops waving them.
Daughter   I think it looks silly, Daddy. But I don't suppose it looks like that to another Frenchman. They cannot all look silly to each other. Because if they did, they would stop it.
Father   Well, -- let us suppose you are talking to a Frenchman and he is waving his arms about, and then in the middle of the conversation, after soemthing you said, he suddenly stops waving his arms, and just talks. what would you think then?
Daughter   I'd be frightened. I'd think I had said something that hurt his feelings and perhaps he might be really angry.
Father   Yes, -- and you might be right.
Daughter   Daddy, when they teach us French at school, why don't they teach us to wave our hands?
Father   I don't know. I'm sure I don't know. That is probably one of the reasons why people find learning languages so difficult.
from a Metalogue by Gregory Bateson