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  teaching and learning

What do we think? What do we do?

E Brittain
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great link!

brain development U of Washington
Building Baby's Brain
 U of New Hampshire Building Baby's Brain --from U of Georgia
 How The brain Learns Best  (ZERO TO THREE)
Brain Wonders
See great articles from the News & Observer: Brain Research--Manifest Importance of First Years

"Human beings are storytelling primates. We are curious, and we love to learn. The challenge for each teacher is to find ways to.... take advantage of the novelty-seeking property of the human brain to facilitate learning." 

Laura Lopez
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ECE Web Guide (Project Approach and other theories)
The Project Approach (from ERIC)
The Project Approach Catalog
Project Approach, University of Alberta

...Believing that “the potential of children is stunted when the endpoint of their learning is formulated in advance”, teachers develop an “emergent curriculum” in collaboration with the learners. The design of the school building (including an atelier or art space), and the careful cultivation of relationships between teachers, administrators and families, create a rich educational ecology that supports learner-centered practices. ...the school (is) “an integral living organism, ...a place of shared lives” in which “children, teachers and families feel at home”

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education

 Elia Lopez
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Frida Kahlo   Diego Rivera
  Dali   Picasso   Varo

Check this link!!  Quia ("key-uh") is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Quia provides interactive online educational services, including: a directory of thousands of online activities, games and quizzes in more than 50 subject areas, templates for creating fourteen different types of online activities, and tools for creating online quizzes and activities in 15 languages.

What is it like?

M Schoop 
Classroom as TV Studio External Links
Five Strategies for Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum
Integrated Curriculum Homepage "Essential Questions"
Host to Truman Team at "Play for Performance" --the NASAGA conference in Bloomington, IN.

R Lambach
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It's True Man, ESL journal
Mel Livatino,Out of The Box
these Truman journals are not yet online
Scenario: Team Teaching Child Dev/Children's Lit/Spanish. See discussion Board.
Coming soon...Conversations with teachers

MB Guinan
The e-Classroom --2002 External Links

The Development of Cooperation: Five years of participatory design in the virtual school --
Virginia Tech

Tech mentor to the Classroom Team

New team courses to be created(?)
Finn & Lambach ESL & Conversation
e-Classroom teams
Lopez, Lopez & Brittain Child Development & Children's Lit See Ruth Lambach, Scenario
Elbaum & Corral Computers for Teachers Intro to Computers & Online Learning for Beginners.
Guinan & ? Web Journalism for Teachers Dreamweaver & Writing in Plain English
Schoop & ?
The Community College Team Teaching
Goglin & Corral I Intro to Programming for the Web--JavaScript Programming Internship for Truman Projects
Goglin & Corral II Intro to Programming for the Web--CGI scripting Programming Internship for Truman Projects

How do you know when you're done?

    External Links
M Schoop Student Portfolio Project
Florence Goodenough
Teacher Pages
Eileen Brittain Draw-a-Man Be a psychologist! Rate 4 children on the Draw-a-Man test.
Lisa Fu ESL Online (exit tests & quizzes online)