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Instant English uses icon sentences. The only text is the word under the input box. Tense is represented by changing the color the background or reversing it. A grammar tag shows when the mouse is passed over an icon. A floating window shows animated lips that pronounce the word when the mouse is clicked on any icon.

Text prompts can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the shop lamp toggle button on the task bar. Use them disabled (hidden) to work on pronunication, or spelling. (Students will not be able to see the text and will have to concentrate on the sound.) Use them enabled (showing) for non-readers, or to practice the keyboard. Use the all caps button for absolute beginniners who can't match the keyboard to lower case.

Every icon has built in text-to-speech that is active when the icon is clicked.When the typing button is clicked (next to the sentence), text-to-speech dictates the first word. As soon as the space bar is clicked, the program dictates the next word, and so on.When the listen button is clicked (next to the icon row), a recorded voice speaks the whole sentence.

Comprehension, listening, grammar, spelling, and keyboarding all happen at the same time. Each component is under the pace and control of the student. Speech sounds can be clicked over and over, helping the student memorize vocabulary. 
Create new Instant English lessons with Instant Author. Authoring  components permit easy assembly of a new lesson. 

Create new icon words with Instant Dictionary. The dictionary is the database used by Instant Author to make lessons.

Create new icons with Paint (Under accessories in Windows) or another graphic editor. Photos  can be pasted on the start menu so students can find an assigned lesson by looking for their teacher's face. Photos of students or public figures can be imported into the dictionary so they can be used in a lesson.   Resize photos to 54 pixels high. Save as bitmaps. Import them into the Dictionary. Use the icon collection to make dictionaries, games, cards, tiles and other materials.

 voice files
Text-to-speech  sound is present by default and is accompanied by an animated lip synch; However, any speech or music file can be pasted on the sentence so teachers can use songs, poetry, and clips from the internet.

Workbooks in Word format are included on the CD. They are in half-page format. After printing, cut them in half. Use the workbooks for homework assignments, tests, and drills.



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