This web site has six sections, each represented by an action verb icon.

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1  SHOW ME the student program (online authoring tools are under construction)
  demo lesson speech plug-in will download to your computer.
  all lessons speech plug-in will download to your computer.
    for complete authoring suite, buy the CD (prices page)
   2  TELL ME about Instant English
components  what's on the CD at a glance
features  product at a glance
history  product background in depth
inventor  profile of Mary Beth Guinan in depth
manual  user instructions in depth
navigation  user instructions at a glance
people ILS team at a glance
  prices link to paypal
products authoring suite and workbooks at a glance
project history at a glance
  system specs install instructions
  troubleshoot If anything can go wrong, it will!
  3.  GIVE ME links to materials
    the store link to paypal
    the icons link to icon pages
    the workbooks link to docs page
4 CONNECT ME  links to the Internet
students' links   ESL-ABE links for picture vocabularies, listening, etc. Low levels.
teachers' links  theories, software, and other Adult Education resources.
instant forum  comments and feedback
5  BUY ME prices page
  6  HELP ME support
Icon Language Systems > 940 Michigan, Evanston, IL 60202 > phone: 847-328-9525