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icon language theory
Imagining textual machines U of Bologna, fascinating and witty article about visualizing the reading process.
syntactic analysis of visual sentences
visual computing
Transmitting visual Information Icons Become Words (pdf file) Kyoto
A Methodology and Interactive Environment for Iconic Language Design
A Semiotic Approach for Analysing Icons in Graphical User Interface
Computer based iconic language Exeter, UK
Paper Made Computer Icons Exeter, UK
The Use of Metaphors in Iconic Interface Design
Abstraction and Organization in signs and symbols UK
Self-explaining icons
The Visual Dimension of Writing California
A Computer HINTerface, Cardiff Institute
A visual language for representing invisible aspects of natural language
DynamIcons as dynamic graphic Interfaces: interpreting the meaning of a visual representation
research: Picture Reading Literacy Project (for disabilities)
syntactic analysis of visual sentences

other icon systems
bliss symbolics
phonetic picture writing
sign language
sign-writing (symbols for ASL)
Chinese symbols, pictures or letters?
-o-glphics A more complicated icon language.
Writng with Symbols 2000 Mayer-Johnson, California
functional literacy system
Connover Company, Wisconsin
icons for social communication rural education in India
hands-on English visual grammar
media streams icon space (create iconic sentences with this program) media streams homepage
visual computing
Icon Galleries Don Johnson, Inc.
icon poet (creative writing) software
The elephant's memory
Zygo's links icon augmentive communication
icon speak (for disabilities)
Laureate (for disabilities)
kwikpoint for travelers
Saschi icons
Poison's icons (American Indian)
Signs, symbols and Icons --book review
Truman teachers' pages
miclase John Lyan's class portfolio. It has grammar tests, student pictures and their email addresses, and even includes his personal pages.
Kathy Finn's page. check out links for teachers
Darcy Christianson' page (Truman) These are classic collaborative exercises to print out and add to your lesson plan.
Sandy's Grammar Rules (Truman) This is an animated glossary of rules. Great!
e-classroom: These pages came out of a class on the learning college taught by Dean of Instruction, Michael Schoop.
 teacher tools voice email and conferencing!
webCT similar to Blackboard.
quizcreate98 Free quiz creator
Vocabulary Box build your own dictionaries
Winflashadmin grade book. 
By Heart make dictionaries
crossword compiler
CHALKSOFT computer lessons
jan's tools
superkids  educational tools
Hot Potatoes free for ed users
Teacher's Desk
Simply the Best Shareware homepage maker
ask Eric research, lesson plans
webopedia research
ESL Magazine
Learn English, Guardian
Illinois TESOL (ITBE)
english-mag (subscribe)
New Horizons for Learning
Academic Exchange Quarterly. My article is in the Winter 2002 issue.
phils efl support site for teachers getting masters
lists of AE web links
list of sites: Tower of English
American Memory --The Learning Page...Especially for teachers
Aardvark's EFL resources 
about (ESL)
amby's directory of resources. (includes learning disabilities)
Sylvie Theriault (Quebec)
surfing for substance guide to integrating web into adult literacy
The learning Planet
ESL resources on the WWW
For English teachers  this site has everything!
for ESL surfers
listening links
Literacy Connections
Literacy Connections
reading lessons, Teacher's Center, UO This site is the digital intersect library

education webs
Collaboratory-Northwestern U (Center for Applied Special Technology)
League for Innovation in DesPlaines, IL This site provides training for Illinois adult education and is the training center for
National Center for Family Literacy
Center for Research and Teaching Excellence
ITS-ESL teachers online network
Illinois Literacy home page
Adult Literacy Resource Institute
National Center for Family Literacy
Center for Research and Teaching Excellence
ITS-ESL teachers online network
model explanation of phrasal verbs
Karen's linguistics issues
learning English electronically mericopa college
Intensive English Institute
Literacy Lists
British Dsylexia Association Assessment: Cognitive and Literacy Skills
British Dyslexia Association, teacher assessment of dyslexic adults
Public Service Commission of Canada General Competency Test Level 1 Practice Test
New Zealand Council for Educational Research Proof-reading tests of spelling
DISSC LIVE! is a Study Skills website. It's an on-line version of DISSC, the Drop-In Student Skills Centre at the University of Teesside.
  Mistakes: Spelling  
  Mistakes: Spelling 50 common errors  
  Mistakes: Apostrophes  
All About Communication, Int'l Difficult words (test1) Spellcheck misses (test2)
CLASSZONE spelling practice register to access tests
National Literacy Trust (UK)
Wordies on the Web
The Wacky World of Words
Interactive quizzes
workforce prep

   = important site or information

  SCANS (ERIC text copied to this web site)
  SCANS (Academic Innovations)
  SCANS (assessment and certification process)
  llinois Skills Standards
  California Education Dialog (blog, workforce prep)
  ICCB Tech Prep
  IL State BD ED (career development page)
  Catalyst (1994 article) Community Colleges and Workforce Development
JVER (Journal of Voc Ed Research) 2001 article: "What is the Future for Post-Secondary Occupational Education?"
JVER Online isues (list)
JVER --2003 Evaluating Tech Prep Education Programs: Implications for Reporting Program and Student Outcomes See: table 1 Analysis of Evaluation models
PDF 2002 (IL) Focus on Workforce Preparation
PDF HVAC/R skill standards--IL see Appendix E --list of workplace skills
PDF 1999, Workforce Investment Act (NCR Parameters)
  Equal Opportunity in Workforce Prep (ISBE)
  Workforce Network (newsletter) (Central IL)

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