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I can’t find the letters on the keyboard. They don’t match the words.

Turn on the Aa button on the task bar. This will put all captions in capital letters. When you type, the letters will show up in small letters, so you can learn lower case. 


I wanted a new lesson, so I clicked the button that showed a man going out, but then I lost the program.
Don’t exit the lesson to change lessons. Click on the book stack on the task bar (top left) to open the menu again.

I finished the page, now what?
If you hit the space bar after the last punctuation mark, the program will go to the next page for you.

Are you on the last page?
You can check if you click the OPEN BOOK icon on the task bar. Look for the check mark next to the lesson.

I don’t know how to use the computer.
Use the typing mode.
Click on the triangle. If you don't use the triangle, you won't get any dictation. Use the space bar to move.

I know how to read, but I can’t speak.
Use the listening mode.
Don't bother to type. Just use the mouse to click on the sentence button and listen to the sentence, and repeat over and over.

I know how to speak, but I can’t spell.
Use the dictation mode.
Turn off the shop lamp on the task bar. Now try to type without any text. You can see the word if you mouse over the icon.

I don’t hear any sound.
  • Click on the rectangle or triangle.
  • Nothing happen? Check the SOUND ICON on the taskbar. Does it have a red “cancel” slash over it? Yes? Click open and remove the check on “mute”.
  • Now, check the volume. Push it all the way to the top. Then try the sentence sound again.
  • Now check your earphones.
  • Still doesn’t work? Go to the Start menu and click SHUT DOWN, then restart the computer.
  • Still doesn't work? You have a technical problem.

Nothing happens when I click.
  • Maybe the program is frozen. Hold down the ALT and CTRL together, and at the same time click the DELETE key. When the CLOSE PROGRAM box opens, click END TASK. The program will close.
  • Now, look at the task bar at the bottom of your screen. Are Instant English icons there? Maybe the program has been opened more than once. Instant English will freeze if it is opened twice, because there is not enough memory. Close everything, and start fresh.
  • Any other programs open? Close all of them. Then open the program again.
  • Sometimes the program runs out of memory when the user is listening over and over. Just close and start fresh.

The lips get in the way when I try to type.
Click the X to close the window. Or, put your mouse on the top border of the window and just push it away.

I hear one thing, but the words say something else.
Wow. It's a mistake. Type what you read, not what you hear. Sorry.




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